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Jo Macfarlane Candles - Malt Whiskey

Jo Macfarlane Candles - Malt Whiskey

Sproson Gallery & Framer St Andrews

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Jo Macfarlane candles are made with care in Scotland. Handpoured and crafted to perfection

  • Includes a long-lasting 40-hour plus burn. 
  • Made from 100% soy natural Vegan wax

Relax from a hard day with this fragrance that embodies an old fashioned cigar and the notes of vanilla. Our Malt Whisky Luxury Candles includes the scent of rose and violet tobacco leaf, light touches of vanilla, toffee, along with a smoky oak and wood scent. 



  • 230g Candle set in a large apothecary tin with lid.
  • Height 8 cm
  • Diameter 7.5cm
  • Single unbleached braided (wire free) linen wick
  • Cosmetic Grade fragrance