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Tony Jeavons

Tony Jeavons : Decorative Stained Glass

Tony Jeavons began experimenting with glass over 20 years ago. Initially working with mosaic forms but moving across to leaded work after coming to live in St Andrews from Cornwall in 2016.

His recent work has focused mainly on small decorative pieces with local themes often incorporating old photographs alongside hand painted motifs though he is occasionally persuaded to experiment with larger panels for doors or windows.

"Whatever the theme, there is a particular joy working with glass because of the way that it interacts with the light. You have to think quite carefully about where you put a glass piece. Allow the light to fall from the side and you tend to focus on the surface and texture of the individual glass fragments. But with the light shining through it’s a very different story. You start to notice the small reflections and shadows that create the illusion of depth. Now the colours can all come alive.

It all depends how you look at it!"

- Tony Jevons, 2024

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