Scottish Landscapes & Other stories Part II: August 13th - October 30th 2019


As we move from mid-summer through to fall we are delighted to announce an extension of our popular summer show titled- 'Scottish Landscapes & Other stories: Part II, which enables us to expand on our current theme with new media in stained glass by artist Kate Henderson; Bronze medals by Jane Bullivant; Landscapes by Fiona Sturrock and Fife artist Colin Carruthers. Our ever popular Perthshire artist Yvonne Hair has also added four new large works to this exhibition and wildlife artist Paul Bartlett will be on show with a selection of mixed media/collage. The exhibition continues to showcase the finest Scottish art including paintings by John Lowrie Morrison OBE; Carina Prigmore; Penelope Anstice; Clare Arbuthnott; Jackie Gardiner; Mark Holden and many more...

The exhibition will run through to October 30th 2019. 

List of artists:

John Lowrie Morrison OBE

Delphine de Castellane

Carina Prigmore

Colin Carruthers

Fiona Sturrock

Clare Arbuthnott

Ken Roberts

Mark Holden

Jackie Gardiner

Kate Henderson

Pascale Steenkiste

Ed Hunter

Penelope Anstice

Paul Bartlett

Yvonne Hair

Sheila Fowler

Catherine Rayner

Claire Wills

Liz McCarthy


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