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Liudmila Pisliakova

Liudmila Pisliakova is a passionate artist based in the beautiful town of Broughty Ferry. She spent many years traveling the world, immersing herself in diverse cultures and living in various countries across three continents before finally settling in Scotland. Always driven by her love for art, she decided to follow her heart and turn her passion into a career.

Liudmila draws inspiration from her diverse cultural experiences, infusing them into her paintings. She particularly enjoys working with oil and tempera paints and silverpoint, as they provide an ideal medium for expressing her inner thoughts and emotions.

Scotland's unique landscapes, culture, and people serve as a constant source of inspiration for Liudmila. Her art captures the essence of flowers, sunshine, the vividness of blue skies, the scent of green grass, rolling waves breaking onto the beach, as well as smiling faces, emotions, feelings, and thoughts that bring her joy.


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