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Journeys of Light: A Scottish Summer

Sproson Gallery’s upcoming exhibition ‘Journeys of Light: A Scottish Summer’ is showcasing artworks that celebrate the inimitable Scottish landscape, along with its equally exceptional flora and fauna. Each painting represents an artist’s personal vignette of a Scottish summer: whether it’s a view of tumultuous waves breaking onto the craggy vertiginous cliffs, or sunflowers set against a cerulean sky, all artworks express the distinct character of a Scottish summer: sunny, wind-blown, and refreshing. 

The exhibition will feature artworks by Clare Arbuthnott, Ken Roberts, and Fiona Sturrock, among other contemporary Scottish artists, notably Linda Paton, Margaret Evans, Bruce Graham, and Claire Wills.

‘Journeys of Light: A Scottish will be running through 4th of July until 26th of August 2023.

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