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Autumn Reflections Exhibition

The 'Autumn Reflections' exhibition has arrived at Sproson Gallery in St Andrews. As the weather turns and the afternoons get darker, take shelter in the warmth and beauty of the gallery as we showcase artists, both local and international, including Carina Prigmore,  Laura Lawson, Sheila Fowler, Philip Raskin, and more.

The seasonal change is reflected in the diverse colour palettes of the exhibited artists – from turquoise blue tones of the summer to subtle grey and purple hues of autumn. One the one hand, clear blue skies, and on the other – misty atmospheric effects that blur the boundaries of the horizon. We invite visitors to explore gradations and nuances of this transitional period in our gallery. 

The 'Autumn Reflections' exhibition will run from September and throughout October 2023. 

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