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New Exhibition featuring Catriona MacEachen: 'Light and Tide: Reflections of St Andrews' Opens Friday 9 July 2021

Light and Tide: Reflections of St Andrews, featuring Catriona MacEachen, Opening Friday 9 July 2021

Sproson Gallery is excited to announce our new exhibition opening Friday 9 July, Light and Tide: Reflections of St Andrews featuring the work of Catriona MacEachen.

Catriona is a professional artist born in Kirkcaldy and based here in Fife, where she currently lives and works. She taught in schools for several years after undertaking a degree in Education in Glasgow, where she specialised in Art, and became a full-time artist in 2009.

Catrionas Gaelic roots draw her towards the Hebrides, where her ancestry links her to Neil MacEachen, who sailed with Bonnie Prince Charlie and stopped in Skye en route to France after the 45, as well as to his kinswoman, Flora Macdonald. She takes regular trips to the Highlands and the Isles, and believes there to be nowhere in the world more beautiful. It is there that she finds inspiration in the stunning beauty and rugged power of the natural landscape.

We are lucky to exhibit Catrionas paintings of local scenes of St Andrews, as she captures the rich natural beauty of the North Sea. Catrionas work reflects a personal connection with the perpetual changes of sunlight and the sea on the East Coast. Her passion for painting is fused with her passion for the beauty of the world around her to create a brilliant collection of work.

As a self-taught artist, Catriona captures both the drama and stillness of the East Coast with a unique freedom and individuality. She uses a variety of media depending on the mood or atmosphere she wishes to convey. She often chooses to work in acrylic to fully capture the vivid hues of the sun rising over the shores of Scotland.