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'Journeys of Light: Memories of a Scottish Summer'

During the months of darkness and lockdown at the beginning of 2021, we had ample time to contemplate the stark, severe beauty of Scotland in the winter and early spring. This summer has been all the more sweet in its contrast, especially as we anticipate reunions and the end of restrictions. Most of us have spent these long hours of summer light here in Scotland, giving us a chance to remind ourselves of the rare sights and sensations native to our small corner of the world.

Featuring a variety of artists, styles, and techniques, Sproson Gallery’s latest exhibition ‘Journeys of Light: Memories of a Scottish Summer’ looks back at some of our fondest moments from the past few months. We have stood at the edge of a loch illuminated in the morning’s golden light, sailed on the sea under the afternoon sun, taken in the mystic silence of the Highlands, and waded in the gem-blue waters of the West Coast.

We are proud to exhibit the works of a wide variety of artists, each offering their own reflections on Scotland’s natural beauty as the summer comes to a close:

Sheila Fowler

Yvonne Hair

Mark Holden

Laura Lawson

Catriona MacEachen

Linda Paton

Philip Raskin

Ken Roberts

Karen Wowk

A percentage of our proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross Afghanistan Crisis Appeal to help volunteers deliver food, water, basic medical supplies and medicines, and shelter to those in need of humanitarian aid.

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